CNC Horizontal Machining Centers Geared Head
1. IK milling heads can upgrade or replacement your original machine body, milling machine or special machine.
2. This product uses for gear type structure can bring the powerful and high-quality cutting benefits for machine.
3. This product can be configured in CNC horizontal milling machine or special machine for milling machine.
4. This products didn't offer servo motor and servo controller.
5. There are 3 models in IK CNC Milling Machine Head Series.
Model Unit IK-H4500-A
Tapered Bore Diameter   BT50 Φ200
Spindle Motor Kw/Hp 18.5 / 25 
Spindle Speed rpm 4500
Clamping Force KN 18
Coolant Requirement   Φ55
Spindle Motor Spindle kcal/h 1500
Coolant   Oil
Gear Ratio   0.61
Bearings Front   NN3018K
Bearing Rear   90BAR10S
Bearings Lubrication   Grease
Preload   Positioning Preloading
CNC Gear Milling Head - Horizontal Spindle
Lock Knife Block (Include Lock/Unlock Sensor)  
Spindle Positioning Sensor  
Splash Guard  
Oil Pressure Pipe  
Country of Origin Taiwan
Weight (Approximate) kg 612
Warranty 1 year (non artificial mistake)
Note: This product does not contain a servo motor.
Recommended specifications §Spindle servo motor (18.5Kw / 25Hp)
※Please provide a servo motor sizes.
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