There are more and more global customers come to YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling head ) looking for more cooperation such asOEM, ODM & OBMservice directly. YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling head ) is proud of its products already achieved CE Certificated in 2005.
In Taiwan, YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. (IK milling head) is the largest manufacturing company in the field of Milling Heads for Machine tools. We welcome new partners to join our team. We believe that excellent team will make successful enterprise.
The global customers order our milling machine heads for the machine tools of …
  • Aerospace competence
  • Automotive competence
  • Shipbuilding competence
  • Military competence
  • Architectural hardware competence
  • Plastic metal molding competence
  • Electronic hardware competence
Processing Projects :
  • Angle-Milling Cylinder Heads (play all angles) Such As 3-axix, 4-axix and 5-axis Machining Competence.
  • Multiple Cutting Tools
  • Plane Milling Cutters ...etc.
Here are our YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD.
(IK milling heads) major products :
CNC Mill
  • CNC Gantry (Plano) Milling Head
  • CNC Vertical and Horizontal Machining Center Head
  • CNC Milling Head
  • CNC Mill / Traditional Bed Boring and Milling Mill
Gantry Mill
  • Gantry (Plano) Milling Head
  • Milling Head Angular Head
  • Angle Milling Heads (play all angles) …etc.
Bridgeport Mill
  • Turret Milling Head
  • Replacement Milling Machine Heads
  • Milling Machine Heads for Bridgeport-Type
  • Milling Machine Heads for Bed-Type
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