Shao Dong International Hardware Mechanical And Electrical Fair 03/14/2019
Shao Dong International Hardware Mechanical And Electrical Fair 03/14/2019

Time: Apr. 6, 2019- Apr. 8, 2019
Exhibition Hall: Hunan Province, Shaoyang City, Shaodong County, Zhaoyang Avenue
Exhibition Website: http://wjzhw.cn/index.php?a=shows&catid=1&id=34#top
Industry: Hardware & Electrical
Exhibition City: Shaoyang City, Shaodong County
Exhibition Area: 30000m2
Exhibition Hall: Zhaoyang Avenue, Shaoyang City
Holding Period: one year

Exhibition Overview:

Hunan Shaodong is the largest hardware and electrical machinery market in Central and South China. At present, there are 50,000 people in Shaodong County, who are engaged in the hardware manufacturing industry. There are 500 hardware manufacturers, and Shaodong Zhongnan Hardware City has 2,000 individual hardware dealers, 80% of whom are engaged in hardware. Electrical and mechanical wholesale and retail. Have a complete production and sales ecosystem. Opportunity Shaodong, passion Shaodong!

Shaoyang Shaodong people worked hard in the early years. Many people have already settled in overseas homes. The mainland is also like this. The Spring Festival is not necessarily going home, but the Ching Ming Festival will definitely return home to worship the ancestors and find friends and relatives! During the Qingming period, about 200,000 people engaged in hardware went home to worship the ancestors. After the market time, the exhibition time was specifically scheduled for the day after Qingming. At that time, the hardware peers who heard the news came to the exhibition site. I believe this exhibition will definitely be The success of the office is a great success!

At the signing ceremony of the 2nd Hardware & Electromechanical Expo in 2018, a total of 22 projects were signed, and the total contracted funds exceeded 6 billion yuan.


Exhibition Scope​:


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