What is a milling machine and milling head?
What is a milling machine and milling head?
What is a milling machine and milling head?


•What is a milling machine?

A milling machine is an important machine tool that can be used to remove metal from any workpiece by a rotating cutter that’s called a milling cutter. It can machine rough, irregular, and flat surfaces. This can be done by fixing a workpiece in contradiction of a rotating milling cutter. Then the material will be removed from that workpiece accordingly.

Even more, the tool used in a milling machine is commonly a multi-point cutting tool.

Basically, milling is a process to remove metal by feeding a certain workpiece against the rotating multipoint cutter of the milling machine. Fortunately, a milling machine is capable of holding more than one cutter at a time. Also, it rotates at a higher speed than a lathe machine to ensure the unnecessary metal removal at a higher speed.

As a result, the efficient of metal removal with the milling machine is faster, comparatively.

•Key parts of milling machine

However, a milling machine commonly consists of multiple parts. The main parts of a milling machine include:

  1. Base and Column
  2. Knee
  3. Table
  4. Saddle
  5. Spindle
  6. Overhanging Arm
  7. Ram
  8. Milling machine head
  9. Shank and arbor support
  10. Power feed mechanism

•What is a milling head?

Milling machine head aka milling head is an important part of milling machines. It holds and rotates the cutting tool of the milling machine on specific or even custom-built centers of machining. It has multiple movement options that can allow machining for four to five axes with ease.

Milling head type accessories are either indexing or continuous in regards to their types. These can also offer two to five axes to perform even complex milling operations effectively. However, a continuous milling head can offer an uninterrupted machining experience because the head axis keeps changing.

However, on the other hand, the index-type milling heads usually position the milling cutter on a certain axis firstly. Then, it will start the milling operation. These can also handle the machining of plastic, wood, stone, steel, and aluminum.

Milling machines are usually available in two categories which are horizontal machining and vertical machining. While choosing the best milling head, ensure to go with the one that is suitable for all kinds of milling operations. Even more, while choosing the best milling head, you must consider spindle speed, type of material that’s being machined, number of rotational axes, and torque for a more amazing selection in the best possible way.

•Final thoughts

Overall, milling machines and milling head are two major components of the manufacturing industry. However, knowing about each above definitely has given you a clearer idea about each tool and its functioning.

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