ISO9001:2015 Certificate


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YIH KUAN Company internal audit in October 25, 2017 and we obtained ISO9001:2015 Certificate in April 2018.

What is ISO9001:2015? The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was "limited revision" for the 9000 family with standards and it was formally promulgated in 1994 to implement the ISO9000 family of standards for the 94th edition. On the basis of extensive solicitation of opinions, the second phase of the revised strategy was initiated, namely "complete revision". In November 1999, the draft 2000 ISO/DIS9000, ISO/DIS9001 and ISO/DIS9004 international standards were proposed. After the draft was fully discussed and revised, it was formally released on December 15, 2000. Within three years from the date when the ISO regulations are formally released, the 94 version and the 2000 version standards will be implemented simultaneously. From now on, they can apply 2000 version for certification and also encourage that companies who needs the certification.


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