Chinese Valentine's Day History


Chinese Valentine's Day falls on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. In China, this day is also known as "The Begging Festival". Compared to the foreign Valentine's Day is specifically directed at "love" because the original for foreign Valentine's Day is between people need to love each other, family, friendship or love, not only limited to men and women. But the China Valentine's Day is a story describing the couple.
The seventh daughter of the Emperor of Heaven, the Weaving Maid, and an orphaned cowherd were separated by the Emperor; the girl was forced to move to the star Vega and the cowherd, to the star Altair. They were only allowed to meet on the magpie bridge over the Milky Way once a year on the day of seventh day of seventh lunar month - Chinese Valentine's Day.

From this story, you can see that Chinese people are very valued about the "responsible for work attitude". Our IK milling heads will keep our responsible for the attitude of work to service who needs our help and also bless for if you have a lover enjoy the feeling of love. If you do not have a lover think about the traditional lessons of Valentine's Day Valentine's Day to express the "responsible for work attitude" importance, try to work hard and also welcome to cooperate with us! Happy Valentine's Day!




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